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Office & Admin

Mr. William Mudlock

  • Principal

Mrs. Mae Morrison

  • Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Charlene Stapert

  • Administrative Assistant

First Grade

Mrs. Marianne Borawski

Mrs. Kathy Carach

Mrs. Jennifer Himmelreich

Mrs. Jane Meckes

Mrs. Jenna Ramirez


Mrs. Kaitlyn Buskirk

  • Speech Pathologist 

Mrs. Leslie Collins

  • Title I Math

Mrs. Megan Gruver

  • K-2 Learning Support Teacher

Mrs. Mary Horton

  • School Nurse

Ms. Shanna Israel

  • Reading Specialist

Ms. Erin Kemmerer

  • Title I Specialist

Miss Shawn-Kimberly Kocher

  • Technology Integration Specialist

Mrs. Lauren Madson

  • School Psychologist

Mrs. Lynnze Milander

  • Grade 4 Learning Support Teacher

Mrs. Jamie Miller

  • Behavior Specialist

Mrs. Belinda Monek

  • Data Specialist

Ms. Susan Neikirk

  • ESOL Teacher

Mrs. Cynthia Peck

  • Grade 3 Learning Support Teacher

Ms. Tara Quaranta

  • SES Building Substitute Teacher

Mrs. Patricia Shreve

  • ESOL Teacher

Mrs. Joanna Tugend

  • RtII Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle Warren

  • School Counselor


Mrs. Cindy Rizzolino

  • K-3 Library Media Specialist

  • Please visit the K-3 Library Website and your child's Schoology Library Course!

Support Staff

Mrs. Kathy Bennicas

  • Custodian

Mrs. Deborah Garren

  • Custodian

Ms. Deborah Klim

  • Custodian

Mr. Brian Kozak

  • Custodian

Mr. Joseph Ostrosky

  • Head Custodian

Ms. Danielle Radomski

  • Cafeteria Monitor

Mrs. Brooke Schaller

  • Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Anne Schippang

  • Cafeteria Head Cook

Ms. Tashia Schmidt

  • Cafeteria Staff

Mr. John Simpson

  • Custodian






Physical Education